Extra time spent each week deepening and strengthening the concepts taught in school helps students succeed in the math classroom.  Additional practice, opportunities to discuss concepts, and specially designed math activities help clarify understanding.

Teaching Math for Understanding

Based on our math expertise and teaching experience, we've identified best practices in math education to develop our Prime Numbers educational model.  We believe that balancing conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application to problem-solving will help students achieve success in mathematics.




At Prime Numbers, students have the opportunity to discuss concepts, engage in rich activities, undertake additional practice, and ask questions.  When students understand the math they're learning, they are more likely to remember and apply what they've learned.

Prime Numbers aligns our math content to Issaquah School District math courses and with the new Common Core State Standards adopted in WA. Concepts we teach each week are aligned with the curriculum, units, and lessons taught in school.


Our proprietary curriculum is uniquely positioned to push students' thinking and encourage deep conceptual understanding.  Students will benefit from activities that engage them and stretch their math thinking.

Students are grouped in small learning communities based on their math course.  Interaction with other students promotes critical thinking skills and provides an opportunity to justify math reasoning and engage in math discourse.

Time is provided in each weekly session for students to ask individual questions and get personal attention from the instructor. In addition, students have access to individual computer instruction based on their own academic needs.



Common Core Math Standards and the new Smarter Balanced Assessments are rigorous and demand a high level of thinking.  Sample Smarter Balanced test questions are embedded into each weekly session at Prime Numbers to prepare students for success.

math enrichment & support

Prime Numbers hires highly qualified instructors who understand math and know how to teach students.  Our professional staff includes National Board certified math teachers and math educators with years of experience teaching secondary math.