• My son had a great year at Prime Numbers!  We chose the program to provide math enrichment for him and, from the very first class, he loved going!  I have recommended it to friends as he enjoyed it so much!  --AS, parent of 5th grader, Issaquah, WA.
  • Rena has a very creative and “outside the box” method of teaching math that would help any student to understand and to become a more successful learner. In school, math has always been my biggest challenge, especially understanding and applying new concepts. When I worked with Rena in an individualized setting, however, I found that she was able to explain difficult concepts in a way that made sense to my individualized style of learning. As a result, my test scores on both math quizzes/tests and on standardized tests improved dramatically. Not only was I was more confident in my abilities as a math student, but I was able to successfully apply strategies that I had previously struggled with. I would highly recommend Rena to anyone that would like to increase their comprehension in math, in a patient and easy-to-understand approach and setting.  --JR, 11th grade student, Issaquah, WA.

  • Prime Numbers helped my high school aged son to become a more confident and successful math student. The individualized instruction Rena provided assisted him in understanding and applying new concepts he previously struggled with in a classroom setting. This new found confidence and “I can do this” attitude reshaped his mind set about math, and as a result, his test scores improved significantly. I was especially impressed with Rena’s ability to connect with my son’s learning style, and to help him with how to approach problem solving situations in math utilizing his strengths. Prime Numbers will continue to be an integral part of my son’s math program in his senior year.   --JR, parent of 11th grader, Issaquah, WA.

  • Our experience with Prime Numbers has been excellent! The staff is very courteous and friendly and the tutors are knowledgeable and cater to the individual needs of each student. We were very impressed with how the tutors individualized each session to meet the needs of our child. The tutors are very well versed in the school's curriculum which helped them get to the core of each unit. Parents have many options when it comes to Math tutoring...so it's tough to stand out in a competitive market. But Prime Numbers has proven that you can stand out! I would highly recommend them!   --JS, parent of 11th grader, Sammamish, WA.

  • I cannot say enough good things about Prime Numbers. We were new to the country and our daughter needed some help catching up with the Washington curriculum. Rena assessed Rachel's needs and worked with her to ensure she got on track quickly. We look forward to the 9th grade Algebra class in the fall!    --CH, parent of 8th grader, Sammamish, WA.

  • Prime Numbers founder Rena Pitasky has made a tremendous difference in my daughter's confidence and ability with math skills.  We have tried many tutors over the years and this is the first time my daughter has been excited to work with a tutor.  She has commented many times that she really "gets it" because of her effort working with Rena.  They went back through past math skills to make sure she had a strong foundation to build upon and this has made a big difference.  In addition, Prime Numbers works with the exact curriculum that my daughter is learning in school.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to develop strong math skills. --TJ, parent of 8th grader, Sammamish, WA.

  • As a result of working with one of the individual instructors, my son's knowledge and confidence in Algebra has grown.    The instructor helped him review concepts that he learned in school and filled in areas that he had missed. He not only learned the math facts but also test taking strategies.  He now understands not just how to do the problems but the concepts behind them.  I highly recommend Prime Numbers.  --EH, parent of 9th grader, Sammamish, WA

  • I found Prime Numbers, and in particular, Rena, after a VERY long first half of the semester of my daughters junior year in high school.  She was taking Algebra 2.  It was evident early on in the semester, that additional support would be necessary for her to be successful. We added an optional 7th period during the school day, to support her learning.  Even with 2 hours per day of focused math instruction, she was still really struggling, and her grade reflected that.  When I found Rena and Prime Numbers, I had a frustrated and defeated student who felt as if she could never learn math.  She often said, “I am dumb”.  “I will never go to college”.  “I hate math”.  Hearing that was worse than seeing the D on her progress report.  It was heartbreaking actually.But Rena changed all of that.  After one hour of tutoring, my daughter came home and was actually shocked that she could understand math.  At first she attributed it to Rena being “so smart”, which of course she is.  But later, it was because her confidence grew, and she didn’t approach the process so negatively.  She finally had someone who understood what she needed to hear and see, for her to be able to understand the content.   My daughters first 3 quizzes/tests after seeing Rena, were all B+.  She could not have been more proud of herself.  I received text after text during school, reporting her latest success on math quizzes.Her grade is crawling back up.  But I almost don’t care.  Sure, I want her to have great grades. But more than that, I want her to be confident and feel that with effort, and the right instruction, she can learn anything.   That is what Rena gave back to her.  She doesn’t feel defeated any more.  Math is still hard for her…..she probably won’t be a mathematician later in life.  But she will succeed in math in high school.  We have a partner in her learning now.  The icing on the cake came just last night as she was teaching someone else how to do some of the different types of problems in Algebra 2.  She was 100% confident.  She knew exactly what to do, and say.  She had strategies that her friend could use to recall the process.  That was truly priceless.  --CR, parent of 11th grader, Sammamish, WA

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