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$150 per hour​​


Begin to navigate the college admissions process. Schedule a free one-hour consultation to learn what is involved in applying to colleges today, including a typical timeline, test-taking requirements, and an overview of the steps in the admissions process.  Understand what colleges are looking for in candidates to help guide your student's academic and personal decisions in high school.  Geared toward high school sophomores and juniors and their families.


Generate a list of schools your student will apply to. Based on students' academic qualifications, career interests, personal preferences, family budget, and more, we will generate an individualized, vetted list of colleges with a range of selectivity.  We will also construct a detailed timeline for your student's overall college application process.


Prep for admission tests with our instructors to learn strategies, review concepts, and practice problems.  Learn more about Prime Numbers Test Prep services.


Organize the specifics of your application process, and keep track of each school's requirements and deadlines in our Application Tracker.  We will help your student get organized so nothing falls through the cracks, with all the relevant information and due dates at their fingertips.


Let us manage the application process (so parents don't have to!).  Applying to college is an enormous process with lots of moving parts.  We help your student manage college application tasks, due dates, and submissions.  We track deadlines, send weekly reminders, and work with your student to ensure all requirements are completed and submitted on time, while minimizing stress.


Work with us to complete the main essay. Your student will learn what makes a good college essay and brainstorm topics that reflect who they are as a candidate. We can work through all the steps needed to create a final piece of writing ready for submission.  We also provide hourly assistance with any part of the writing process including proofreading, editing, and/or writing supplemental essays, activity descriptions, short answer responses, and other written requirements.


Schedule an appointment to walk through all the sections of the Common App or Coalition App to understand application requirements and begin working through responses.  We also provide hourly assistance with completing or proofreading online applications.  Nervous about interviews?  Meet with us to learn what to expect and how to best present yourself.

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Deepen and extend the math you are learning in school.


We help high school juniors and seniors navigate the college application process.

Whether for one meeting or for the entire application process, get the guidance and support you need to tackle college admissions with ease and purpose.  We help you develop a personal strategy for staying organized and on task to keep the application process manageable, create a school list that is just right for you, and help you bring your ideas and essays to life.  Meet with an experienced advisor to receive personalized, comprehensive support to help navigate the college process and craft outstanding applications.​


Deepen and extend the math you are learning in school.

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