What's new & Different​​

What has changed at Prime Numbers??

You may have noticed some changes to how we are offering our services. 

PRIVATE TUTORING ONLY: We are no longer offering small group classes, such as Study Circles, Enrichment & Support, Summer Math Academy, or Test Prep.  All academic support will be provided as Private Tutoring only.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING:  ​Our Prime Numbers families will appreciate our new, flexible, easy booking system. We no longer require families to enroll for regular weekly tutoring on the same day and time each week.  Instead we now offer Concierge Tutoring.  You'll simply schedule each appointment as needed, whether you prefer weekly sessions, more frequent tutoring, or just occasional support.  You can book appointments several weeks in advance.

SMALLER CLIENTELE:  With a smaller number of students, we'll be able to provide even more personalized support.  Lessons for each student will be custom tailored to their specific needs and learning style.

BILLING:  We will no longer require tuition prepaid for a month at a time.  Instead, you will pay tuition for each appointment at the time of booking.

TUTORING RATES:  Tuition for private tutoring is $100/hour (math, humanities, or study skills) or $120/hour (test prep).  We are no longer offering our Prime Student discount.

What is still the same at Prime Numbers??

As always, we are committed to providing the best possible support for our students and their families.  You will have the same customer service you've come to expect, and the same personalized, connected, engaged lessons your students enjoy.  Just reach out if you have any questions...we're here to help.

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